more @brewpi Bank Holiday Musings

I’m sat here idly musing about conditioning beer in corny kegs in my  @brewpi fridge. Since the beer probe can’t get into the keg and have the stabilising mass of the beer around it, the @brewpi tends to oscillate a bit. So the probe needs insulating, at first I thought of magnets embedded in some sort of insulation but these don’t stick very well to stainless steel. Maybe I could come up with a suction cup affair to reliably hold the insulation ? Insulating tape tends to come unstuck or leave  sticky patches,  maybe a big elastic band ?
Maybe the Brewpi needs a 1 probe point control mode either that or I just use the ST1000 for the conditioning fridge.. I think  that I’ll muse some more over a beer from the shed Hell Boy

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 16.34.32

#BrewDay Not

I had planned to have a brewday on this Bank Holiday Monday, but instead I’m having a Social Day…
Something has aggravated the old Back.
The recipe was to be this..

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.29.59

Although Since I was having trouble getting the Bastogne Yeast, I had to settle for

White Labs WLP500 – Trappist Ale Yeast

Once in the FV I was going to keep a tight control on the temperatureDribble as it’s rumoured to a bit unwieldy , we’ll see …

Thats if the yeast is Ok as it’s been stored in the fridge for 3 weeks whilst waiting for Orange Peel !! 
Hopefully i’ll get to it later in the week or next weekend Big Smile

I have also been tweaking the BrewPi web code to show me which system I am looking at.
I have changed the hostname  of each system, found in /etc/hostname and also not forgetting to change it in /etc/hosts  ..
I have two RaspberryPi controller BrewPi’s, one in a green Case and the other in a Black case so naturally they’re greenpi and blackpi Smile
I changed line 29 in the beer-panel.php to

<span id=”beername”><?php echo gethostname();?> Is Fermenting: <?php echo $beerName;?></span>

and also changed the index.php line 39 to be

<title><?php echo gethostname();?> reporting for duty!</title>

much better, I can now tell which is which. Big Smile

new-old brew fridge

A family friend is getting a new fridge/freezer Big Boss

So next week end I will become the lucky benefactor and a second Beer fridge will spring into life….Big Smile

Watch this space there may be conversion in progress for  another fermenter or a conditioning  setup …

@brewpi DIY MKII

I have been Busy in the workshop, remaking the original DIY Brewpi !
It’s now in a similar case to my other BrewPi Cool



remade the front panel

and made a rats nest on the DIY shield board Surprised


On this one I also decided to have a power switch and a resettable fuse Big Boss


here are some inside shots


LCD with I2C controller


overview of SSR’s and 5V supply..

Now All I have to do is get my head around some C++ to try and add the I2C display into the Code Confused

BrewShed Update !

After the cold winter and harsh spring  it’s time that I finished my shed,

I Removed All the existing worktops and started insulating..



After a days Work  Half of the end walls were done…
 and the worktop was back in place





Sunday Arrived and the B&Q at Thornbury, Bradford  thwarted my plans,
they only had Green waterproof board in stockUgh!

I think it’d look very odd 1/2 green ….so I finished insulating the top 1/2 with Eco friendly insulation made from 88 plastic bottles Cool
and then remade my CO2 board Smile