@BrewPi thoughts I2C

Two new I2C boards arrived  very quickly from China .  I need to get on and get to grips  with my novice attempts at trying to use them in my BrewPi dev system,  I’m realising just what a novice at C++ I really am.
I found another library fron DigiSpark that works and looks more compact than ones listed on arduino-info site.

I’d tried to adapt the Brewpi code to use the i2c code on the arduino-info site without much success and It’s got to the point where because i haven’t read up enough  I’m thinking of replacing the functional code from the DigiSpark drivers into the SPi drivers done by Elco . I need to try and find more time to learn and read more tutorials on C++ Tutorial – Introduction to C++ – Cprogramming.com.  Maybe if I ask both Elco and MDMA they can integrate it into the Dyna build as an option but I’ll wait until the current build frenzy is out of the way…