update New – Old Fridge

After a bit of a delay This evening I’ll be picking up my New-Old Fridge.
It’ll have to be transported on it’s side in the back of my Estate car Oops so after getting to the Brew Shed will have to be left to settle for a day or two as  I don’t want the compressor oil up it’s cooling tubes…Crying
Over those settling days I’ll start to convert it to a second BrewPi Fermentation Setup and then put it into use as a conditioning fridge!
Hopefully I’ll remember to take piccies of the conversion along the way !

******update 8th Jun*****

After picking up and defrosting the freezer with a hose and letting it settle overnight It’s now being used as a conditioning fridge with the STC1000  the @BrewPi is a bit too much overKill  Plus I’ve not currently got the coding Skills to get my dev system up and running …

IMG_4058 IMG_4076 Before and after shot of the freezer defrost


The fridge part nicely takes  a couple of corny kegs and there’s a convenient entry point for the CO2 and NTC thermister  at the back  Cool

IMG_4064 IMG_4066 IMG_4077
termostat housing convenient entry for Probe and CO2 line 2 kegs holding at 10.5 c