#Brewday Roundup

Well that was a successful Brewday. The coin was tossed  and A Black IPA was made ..
The brew didn’t quite go as planned what I Thought was a 1/2 bag of crystal Malt was Biscuit Malt so I subbed Black Malt into the mash instead !

Recirculating the Black IPA

After listening to a Beersmith podcast on American IPA I decided to keep the mash temperature down to 64.5 and mash for slightly longer so the  OG came out  at 1.066, Slightly lower than the estimated 1.072 but hopefully it’ll be nice and light…

Sunday was transfer day / dry hop time for the Aussie Citra. Dry hopped with  21g of Citra i’ll leave it for 3 or 4 days and then Keg it ! 
OG 1.050 and at the time of transfer into the Secondary it had dropped to 1.010, so it’s 5.2% and i’m looking forward to it.