Olicanabrew 2

I’ve been quiet on the blog front again but as usual have done a couple of brews..
New years eve saw me in the Shedquarters making another batch of Black IPA. The Brewday went very well and I tried out my new present from Mrs Purpleogre, the Counterflow plate  heat exchanger . This batch of Black IPA was later Dry Hopped with my own 2013 season Cascade Hops..

IMG_4593 IMG_4592
Plate chiller in action Sterilised in boiling water

There seems to be a debate about using plate chillers and the fact that the wort temperature is higher for longer and this may encourage DMS to form as it’s not actively boiling it off but ┬ásince I have a pump I may just recirculate the cooled wort back into the kettle and cool the whole lot down and then transfer into the FV…but thats for next time.!

Tomorrow is the Second OlicanaBrew evening, Which I am looking forward to, I have been trying out a way of getting carbonated Beer to the event using two 2L PET bottles, that should give 20 of us about 1/3 of a pint to sample. the beer was placed in the PET’s and all the air removed and then Pressurised to 30PSI and put in the fridge at 4 c left overnight and then repressurised and shaken, I’ve done this 3 times so far so fingers crossed it’s not too gassed !

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