#BrewDay – Simcoe IIPA @Beersmith Cloud Recipe

Saturdays Simcoe IIPA #BrewDay went very well , The new Kettle element performed well & didn’t leak !

The Recipe was one of @beersmith s cloud sourced, scaled to my equipment, but with one or two quantities changed so suit my inventory on the day. The OG Came in at 1.074-76 and as I was taking the SG I noticed there was quite a lot of Cold Break material settling out. I had re circulated the output of the Plate chiller back into the Boiler hoping to leave it back in the boiler  but it looks like it didn’t work..
I also ended up with the wort cooler than I wanted , 13˚c partially due to restricted flow , I think I need a better Hop filter than the current copper tube ! I plan to get a better one when I add my Shiney new SS Boiler. when I back flushed the plate chiller lots of Hop debris came out, not good…


Speaking of new Shiney things, Whilst looking at the Cam Lock Couplings that HomeBrewBuilder supply, it occurred to me that Guyson in Guiseley might stock similar fittings as they stock Hanson fittings for the in/out posts for Cornelius Kegs as I had to replace a damaged one.  Sure enough , they do Hanson Cam Lock

ps. here’s the Simcoe IIPA recipe i’m guessing the FG will be around 1.014 …

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 21.48.04