The Week that Was ! Bruges, @olicanabrew & more !

The Week that Was and what a full week !

The early part of the Week

started in Bruges, A lovely old City and lots of Belgian Beers ! Some of which I managed to sample in the Staminee De Garre a lovely small bar hidden down an alley in the centre of the City.

IMG_4860 IMG_4859
Tripel Van De Garre the in House special 10.5 %ABV  Duvel Tripel Hop 2012


The Tripel Van De Garre Brewed especially for the Bar was excellent and the cheese accompaniment  really showed it off..
Mary and I also Managed the Bruges Idiot tour…..


IMG_4785 IMG_4839
IMG_4841 IMG_4844

I must have had a notion about the belgian beer as the friday afternoon before we went I made some Candi Sugar…

IMG_4743 IMG_0053
IMG_4745 All a Bit Walter White but Hey….


When back at the shedquarters I checked on the Simcoe IIPA, it should have been ready to dry hop but to my surprise was only slowly fermenting and the S.G. was only 1.030…
I decided to give it a slight boost ! A quick addition of Candi sugar dissolved in boiled water,ad addition of 50g of  Simcoe Hops and a standby sachet of Safale S-04 and it’s off fermenting again, a gurgle every 1-2 second.. I’ll add the other 75g of hops when it’s finished fermenting  Big Boss


Lets get water to my Shedquaters….

IMG_4873 IMG_4877


Olicanabrew Meeting at Sandinista Bar Leeds,  This was our Columbus Hop Brew Challenge evening , not every one could make it so the decision about the winning beer was deferred, Bit of a shame the other guys couldn’t get their brews to Nick ahead of the evening ! There were some Jovial comments passed about the absentees and beers not ready/fit  but  hey ho … The beers that did make it to the initial judging were all very well received , some were a bit young and needed to condition more but all had the potential to be great beers. I like mine to be left for 3-4 weeks unless its a style Like Gaz’s Dark Wheat,( I should have had more of that !) I wasn’t at all sure of Nicks experimental Brew, I’m sure there’s a reason for that fuggled rhyme in my memory about grape and grain, i’ll have to try and remember it…..

Friday  & Saturday

Water supply trench , it turned cold …. and by saturday I ached , boy did my 52 year old body ache…. my arms and shoulders … much more and they wouldn’t obey…

IMG_4883 IMG_4888
Under the Wall, Day 2  A Surprise Drain Find….

Thats it …Sunday , Guests and a day of Rest  !