#Brewday AG34 Russian Imperial Stout

Today’s brew day was my overdue Russian Imperial Stout that should have been done in March, but fits in nicely with the Olicanabrew challenge.

The Recipe is only slightly modified from Last years , which I mistakenly didn’t add the 500g of Brewing sugar to the boil. This batch I added just short of  1Kg of Amber Candi Sugar to the boil and decided to use a different yeast to the one listed in my original Recipe


Russian Imperial Stout 2014


the OG came in a little under the predicted  but I ended up with a full 25L,  Did I lose count and push An extra 2L through the sparge ?…

Dough IN Nice thick Black Treacle
Dough In..  Nice bit of Black Treacle
Smelling Great OG
Smelling Nice Og 1.094

3 thoughts on “#Brewday AG34 Russian Imperial Stout”

  1. Alright Rich, hows it going?
    Fermentation going ok? does primary take much longer being as it is a higher sg?

  2. I also forgot to mention the Simcoe ipa, very nice indeed, i was pleasantly surprised when i saw the abv! I’m sure you must have told me but i wasn’t expecting it to be so stung! Bravo!

  3. Hi Gaz
    Fermentation has been a bit lively so either the yeast is particularly suited or I gave it a particularly good aeration 🙂

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