keeping a closer eye on @brewpi

As well as doing my brewing I have been keeping a closer eye on BrewPi, I have recently updated both systems and rebuilt one (software wise) from scratch.

Hats off to the whole team, the new install/update ┬áprocess has been automated and is now much easier, however there was a mild moment of panic when the one I chose to just update, (the BlackPi in the Shed with a brew in the FV), didn’t carry over the sensor configuration but that was soon sorted ! Also my suggestion of adding the system name into the web code hasn’t been adopted so I had to change the code to make my systems distinguishable again but thats very very minor ..

I spotted in the forums about The move to the Spark Core, this looks promising and I hope that with a re write in progress, the extra memory on the Spark Core builtin WiFi etc. Elco and MDMA choose to move the display buffer out of the display library and have it in a black box of it’s own so that other display libraries can be just bolted in….I still like the idea of multiple I2C displays so that you could have a dedicated display per chamber… If I was more proficient and had more free time I’d like to have a proper go but hey ho, I know I’m not ! so I’ll just tinker on the sidelines and Brew some Beer ­čÖé