@neilcouper ‘s Shedquarters visit… Video

Last week was a week of Shedquarters visits ! Wednesday saw @bubblingbuckets visit for a quick tour and a chat over a 1/2 , it’s probably best that he only had a good chat and catch up as the following night, plans were afoot for a sleep over by 2 work mates. Unfortunately @jnhazel one of the two became a victim of some virus or dodgy take out from the night before ( and he’s still off work as I Post this) So It was down to me and @couperman to make a dent in the  shedquarter keg levels, after a visit to the local Wetherspoons’ (thursday is Curry Night ) . The following Video is the result… apparently he’s always wanted to do the last bit but never been allowed. !!!!


[videojs mp4=”http://purpleogre.com/images/Shedquarters%20SD%20480p.mp4″ width=”480″ height=”270″]

Kegerator is a go !

Well I finally bought 2 taps and made my fridge into a kegerator 

2 Kegerator Taps

They work really well, currently there’s  Black IPA and Anchor Steam on them !

Anchor Steam Clone

Just finished and currently conditioning up in the house cellar are a Wheat beer and the Columbus Challenge II,  FG ‘s were 1.007 and 1.006 which means they’re 5 % and 4.5% respectively.  I’ll Let them condition a little more and swap them to the kegerator.. So if any one wants to meet up and sample  a few at the shedquarters …just get in touch…