@neilcouper ‘s Shedquarters visit… Video

Last week was a week of Shedquarters visits ! Wednesday saw @bubblingbuckets visit for a quick tour and a chat over a 1/2 , it’s probably best that he only had a good chat and catch up as the following night, plans were afoot for a sleep over by 2 work mates. Unfortunately @jnhazel one of the two became a victim of some virus or dodgy take out from the night before ( and he’s still off work as I Post this) So It was down to me and @couperman to make a dent in the ¬†shedquarter keg levels, after a visit to the local Wetherspoons’ (thursday is Curry Night¬†) . The following Video is the result… apparently he’s always wanted to do the last bit but never been allowed. !!!!


[videojs mp4=”http://purpleogre.com/images/Shedquarters%20SD%20480p.mp4″ width=”480″ height=”270″]

3 thoughts on “@neilcouper ‘s Shedquarters visit… Video”

  1. The Kegerator looks great man!
    Well done! Did you meet up with the guys last week?

    1. Yes we met up but there was only 4 of us ….Paul, Peter myself and Nick but it did man we chatted as a group more..

  2. Thats good. It does sometimes get a bit difficult to do that when were all together.
    Any idea what is going on with malt miller? they seem to be out of everything.

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