@olicanabrewing #BrewDay for @addinghamBeer festival

Tuesday 9th was a collaboration #BrewDay with Gaz for the Olicanabrew club presence at the Addingham Beer Festival. I’d like to start off by thanking Gaz for doing all the heavy work, I’m suffering from Sciatica at the moment so I Dont think the day would have happened without him, If it was a day later it wouldn’t have happened at all….right…. on to business.
The club meeting happened whilst I was away in Keswick and Gaz and I have been tasked with producing a session pale ale, we met the week before and settled on an American style pale ale, using Cascade & Centennial hops. I could only get hold of 100g of the Centennial  hops so a last minute substitution of Ella (previously Stella) was made for the 18g of hops at the five minute to flame out addition.


Since I have started to do Recirculated mashing, We chose a Temperature Mash, 1 step, Light Body profile for the recipe using Beersmith.

AmericanPale mash

Mash and Sparge went well part from we were too busy taking and over filled the  amount of sparge water, only being alerted by the sound of the HLT element starting to sizzle, luckily No harm was done and we took out the overfill amount using my 3L Jug.

It was the usual 60 minute boil but at the end we decided to use my flat plate chiller instead of the immersion coil but pump the cooled wort back into the copper to avoid any DME. The wort chilled to 21˚c very rapidly , slightly before I’d finished sanitising the FV….

Once cooled we got the OG to be 1.040, spot on according to the Beersmith prediction …



We will be using the Following Temperature profile for the Ferment using my BrewPi controlled Fridge



The Yeast starter  a second generation made from rinsed slurry from my previously brewed Simcoe IIPA was active as a starter and is just as active in the Brew.

Started escaping
Active Starter

Into the Blowoff
Just as Active Brew

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  1. Nice one Rich! Was a good brew day. Its been an active ferment so far then? Hope your back is on the mend

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