#HomeBrew Allgrain No48 a 2.8% Pale

Saturday 7th Feb..

A shed day, Cleaning and repairing also transferring the Simcoe -Citra to the secondary F.V. and Dry hopping it even tough it hadn’t quite finished, the  S.G was 1.01 so thats 7.4% ABV . I also moved the hinges on the Fermentation Fridge to the right so it opened against the wall, much better…but had to repair it in the process….

Hinge Repair

Monday 09th Feb.. #Brewday

After the N.C.B. day and challenge to make a 2.8% Ale  I decided to do a trial run ..A Blackcurrant Pale Ale

Blackcurrant Pale

Mashed it at 68.5˚c as I was uncomfortable going higher in the first instance , Shane from N.C.B suggested 72˚c if this doesn’t work out i’ll try higher…

the O.G. was 1.038 slightly higher than BeerSmith predicted (1.032) and it was soon bubbling away with a 3rd generation US-05 starter. Fermentation Temp is set to 18.5˚c and I’ve already had to change the Blowoff water twice…

Very active starter on Sunday
Very active starter on Sunday

Cheers Dad – 3 years already….