Russian Imperial and Nut Brown Ale and Shedquarter Mods

The 28th of June finally saw me in the Shedquarters to get the long overdue Russian Imperial Stout on the go, Last years recipe was modified to include soft brown sugar as I didn’t have any Candi sugar to hand.

Additives to this years RIS
Additives to this years RIS

The Brew went well and I finished up with an OG of 1.096 not quite as hight as the predicted 1.112 but stronger than last years…

2015 version of The Russian Imperial Stout


Irish Ale yeast (WLP004) was used and yesterday (the 12th of July ) I moved it out of the BrewPi controlled fridge and transferred it into the secondary with the french medium Oak Chips, the SG at this point was 1.032 so it’s currently sat at approximately  8.5%. I also gave it a sachet of US-05 to help finish up…..

I have also been modifying the Shedquarters  to accommodate the 100Qt (95L) igloo cool box. This involved moving the HLT to a higher level, the shelves should me adequate apparently the have a max load of 66Kg… This should enable me to do larger batches for any special occasions  or co-brews and be able to have a full split batch for 2 cornies….

High level HLT & larger mash tun
High level HLT & larger mash tun

Yesterday’s BrewDay saw me doing a test brew of a Nut Brown Ale Using the yeast from the RIS and my home grown Northern Brewer Hops, it was also a hot Day in the Shedquarters reaching a dizzying 51˚c at head height, needless to say I spent a lot of time hovering in the doorway or outside…

I have just realised there’s a brew day missing… 12/06/2015 ….. Dana III

Dana III


OG 1.045 FG 1.012  so its approx 4.3%, My  Initial tasting after conditioning is its traditional tasting almost a bitter….