#BrewDay HERMS and @BrewPi Spark RJ11

Easter saw me upgrading my HLT to have a SS coil for HERMS Mashing, All went well and I was very impressed with the Q-Max cutter used to punch out the correct hole size for the BSP fittings.

SS Coil
SS Coil

So on the Tuesday after Easter  I tested the HY HERMS setup by doing a Pale Ale , Using my 2015 season Homegrown Brewers Gold Hops for Bittering. I used a recipe based on Rich’s Brew.


OG was a little under spec at 1.042 but apart from that Everything went well and the Wort came out of the Plate heat exchanger at a nice 21˚c.

Rolling boil
Boil just about underway
Starsan being used to kill off things even though it’d been boiled for 20 mins 🙂

Progress on my BrewPi based HERMS controller has stalled a little ! I couldn’t get the cables from my probes into the RJ11/12 plugs

Won't fit
Won’t fit

I have abandoned the RJ11/12 plugs in favour of RJ45’s

RJ45 crimped
RJ45 crimped

and so intend to have both RJ12 and RJ45 Din rail mounted adaptors fitted to my panels that I can use official BrewPi merchandise as well as home brewed, I could even use Cat 5 patch cables for interconnects…. I just have to wait on delivery from Audiowind..

RJ12 Din Rail adaptor
RJ12 Din Rail adaptor

I am not quite sure why Elco decided to use RJ11/12 but i’m sure it doesn’t matter in the long run….