My @brewpi Based HERMS Panel takes shape… well a bit more in Shape !

This weekend we should have been seeing friends but unfortunately this didn’t happen (I missed out on BeerTownMalton and the NCB meeting in Sowerby Bridge too )  so …
I made a bit more progress on the HERMS panel. The LV side is nearly complete.

LV side nearly finished
LV side nearly finished

For Power I used a reclaimed  WII PSU  12v @3.7Aand a 12-5 v step down board with USB ports to power the Raspberry Pi and the spark shield,  I need two more heatsinks after my failed attempts at using an old CPU heatsinks…

Copper follies
Copper follies didn’t think copper would be hard to work with.. wrong…
managed to break several drill bits and two Taps:-(

and I need to get some more DS18B20 probes. The previous batch from an Amazon supplier ‘Tenflyer’ just don’t Work. ! so either its’ a faulty batch ..or… their wire colour code is wrong ! so thats 5 x RJ45 connectors wasted… I even went so far as to chop the RJ45 off one and splice in a known working probe from another supplier, all to check the RJ45 was crimped ok.. it was…!

checking out the bad batch of DS18B20's
checking out the bad batch of DS18B20’s connected to the RJ45 board..

So Now to decide on HV outputs and switches and protection…. !
Do I go with wires tails from the box bottom or go 16A CEE and switches in the Door Panel ?outlet $_103

or a combined interlocked 16A CEEinterlocked

decisions, decisions …

My PartiGyle brews are coming along and will be swapping into secondaries soon.  did notice some odd swinging from the new @BrewPi spark thats now on the fermentation fridge so I have just updated the firmware to 0.4.3 hopefully it will settle down.

a bit bouncy with the 0.42 f/w hopefully better now at 0.43
a bit bouncy with the 0.42 f/w hopefully better now at 0.43