Homebrew Competition Brew – Euro/British IPA @WishboneBrewery

I originally wasn’t going to Brew for this competition but a cheeky day off before we went on Holiday to Norfolk and it’s a go !
I went with  5 hop varieties,  Fusion,  First Gold, Hallertau Blanc, Olicana and Pioneer.

Brewday on the 8th of July went straight forward, with the Brewpi Herms in charge .

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 22.57.13
HERMS profile
Awaiting more Wort
Mid Hop addition

Whilst on Holiday  another BrewPi Controller monitored the fermentation and the new Baronbrew TlLT  measured the SG


As soon as I was back from Holiday it was put into the secondary and dry hopped.

Colour check 🙂

Today it’s been bottled and Kegged after 3 days of being Dry Hopped. OG 1.064 FG 1.013  approx 6.7 % and I am looking forward to trying it in the next 2 or 3 weeks, best make sure there’s enough left for the competition……